The NFT collection that fights
for the protection of animals


The tribe

Welcome to the world of Chubby Cheetahs !

The history of the Chubby Cheetahs begins in Namibia when Douglas Howard, a wealthy British businessman in love with animals, set foot in the country with the goal of creating the 1st eco-responsible amusement park to finance the fight for the preservation of wild animals.

Once there, he met a cheetah breeder, Ciara Hanga, who told him that a female in his reserve, Nayla, had given birth to a rather peculiar litter of babies ... Douglas, very curious , asked him how these babies were different from the others. Ciara confessed to him that these little ones had not grown since their 3rd week of life and that she had the feeling that they were going to remain a baby all their life !

After Ciara expressed concern over the survival of this helpless litter within his reserve, Douglas made him an offer. He agreed to take responsibility for all these little ones and make them the mascots of his future amusement park ! This is how Chubby Cheetah's World was born !


10000 unique Tribe NFTs !

The Tribe is coming soon for your (and our) greatest happiness !
9870 NFTs from the Chubby Cheetahs collection will be on sale soon on our website !
The remaining 130 NFTs will be distributed among founders, collaborators, partners and giveaway for our most loyal holders !

The 10000 NFTs of the collection were made in completely random ways ! Each has a rarity rating ranging from 1 (very common) to 10 (legendary).


4000 Tribe NFTs in presale

2000 places will be allocated to the whitelist ! They will offer you the possibility to mint your NFTs at reduced prices !
To know the conditions of access to the whitelist join us on Discord !

  • Goldlist
    • 2 NFTs insured
    • Mint price : - 25%
  • Whitelist
    • 1 NFT insured
    • Mint price : - 10%

So don't wait any longer and join the Chubby Cheetahs tribe !

Join the Tribe on Discord !

The creation of the park

Progress of the sale

Chubby Cheetah's World park is constantly growing and at each major stage of its expansion rewards and novelties are put in place to thank all those who have trusted us and adopted a little Chubby Cheetah. !

10% of sales

The tribe makes itself known

The "1000Sales" giveaway will be launched !
150 USDT will be sent to 20 holders randomly selected by an algorithm.
So a total giveaway of 3000 USDT.

20% of sales

The park is growing !

25% of all profits made will be donated to our partner associations.
Thank you all for your support !

40% of sales

Our loyal visitors are rewarded

The "Mirror" giveaway will be launched !
20 mirror NFTs will be sent to 20 holders randomly selected by an algorithm.

60% of sales

The park shop opens its doors !

The official Chubby Cheetahs store will be developed and put online.
25% of the store's revenues will be donated to our partners.

80% of sales

The tribe visits their friends

25% of all profits made will go to our loyal partners.
Our struggle continues thanks to you !
Thank you <3

100% of sales

Mr Douglas invites you to his home !

A Safari trip for 2 people in Namibia will be offered to the winner of our tournament !
Prepare for the final game !

The park plan


  • Launch of registrations for the whitelist
    • Start of registrations for the whitelist during 1st quarter 2022
    • Gives access to the presale with a reduced mint price !

    Join our Discord for more information !

  • Promotion, Communication and Marketing
    • Start of marketing campaigns on Twitter and Instagram
    • Building a dedicated and passionate community !
    • Launch giveaway to reward the 1st members of our community

    Join our Discord for more information !

  • Partnership establishment
    • Establishment of partnerships with animal protection associations
    • They will intervene within the community for the purposes of prevention and information on subjects related to the defense of endangered species
  • Sale of the collection
    • Available for sale directly on our website at the start of the second quarter of 2022
    • Presale (whitelist) and public sale within a 48 hour window. Do not be late !

    To not miss any official announcements on the date and the price of mint join our Discord without further delay ! Discover the sales roadmap

  • Regular giveaways
    • Regular giveaways to reward holders and the community
    • We give you : Special Edition NFTs, Weekend for two in the city of your choice, 10,000 USDT, AirPods, and many more freebies !

    Join our Discord for more information !

  • Chubby Cheetahs online store launched
    • Launch of the official online store
    • Brand clothing and all kinds of derived products
    • 25% of profits donated to animal protection associations

    BONUS for holders :

    • 20% reduction on the entire store !
    • 1 "surprise" gift will be sent to you
  • Purchase of land in the Metaverse
    • Acquisition of land in the Metaverse
    • Construction of Chubby Cheetah's World begins now !

    So Decentraland ? The Sandbox ? Another ? You will find the answer on our Discord ! Dear holders, you will have a big role to play in this step... Be ready !

  • Sponsorship of animals on behalf of the community
    • Animal Sponsorships on behalf of the Chubby Cheetahs community
    • Action carried out within zoos and nature reserves with the aim of contributing to the well-being and security of these threatened species

    Join our Discord for more information !

  • Partnership development
    • Strengthening of our partnerships in order to create a real relationship between our community and the associations that have placed their trust in us
    • Sponsorship, travel and discovery in the field, days of volunteering, donations, and many other actions that will permanently seal our ties with our partners
  • Tokenomics and Staking
    • Launch of the $CHUBBY token
    • Aidrop for holders
    • Staking platform development
    • Staking NFTs Chubby Cheetahs = Earn $CHUBBY
    • Staking $CHUBBY = Even more $CHUBBY !
    • Discount on the Chubby Cheetahs online store
  • Community event
    • Events in largest cities in Europe (Paris, London, Lisbon, Rome, ...)
    • Unite the community around friendly moments
    • Meeting and discussion with our partners and collaborators
    • Champagne and petits-fours offered for everyone !
  • Official Chubby Cheetahs Game Launch
    • Development of a WebGL type game "Play to earn"
    • Free and open to all !

    BONUS for holders :

    • Collect $CHUBBY
    • Prizes and new unique traits to be won
    • Evolve your Chubby Cheetah's appearance and increase in rarity as you advance in the game !
  • Development and launch of the NFT collection "Chubby Cheetah's Friends"
    • New collection both complementary and independent from that of the Chubby Cheetahs
    • Holder of the two collections = BIG ADVANTAGES !

    In order to remain faithful to the values ​​of the Chubby Cheetahs, part of the profits made by this collection will be donated to associations that help children victims of extreme poverty in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. .

  • Development of Chubby Cheetah's World Park in the Metaverse
    • Metaverse invasion !
    • Development of the Chubby Cheetah's World amusement park in the Metaverse
    • Spend your $CHUBBY in the park
    • Prepare yourselves ! Lots of surprises and exclusives await you in the park !
  • Writing of the official Chubby Cheetahs comic
    • Wrote and published the Chubby Cheetahs comic strip
    • Follow your favorite friends on an amazing trip that will take them to the four corners of the world !
    • 70% of the profits made will be donated to our partner associations

Protected species


Each Chubby Cheetah is one of a kind ! No two are the same !
They are defined by a set of 6 superimposed layers in order to stand out from the Chubby Cheetahs all cuter than the others

At this moment, we are continuing to work on these different layers
This list will therefore evolve in the days or weeks to come.
These elements will be revealed soon !
Join us on Discord to find out when it goes live !

Swicth to see the layers

33 Backgrounds

15 Coats

22 Eyes

28 Clothes

15 Mouths

26 Head Accessories

DNA mutation

Evolution of the Chubby Cheetahs

During the years spent in the park being pampered and cuddled by visitors, some Chubby Cheetahs have impressively developed their affective and emotional side.
These few specimens subsequently gave birth to a new species of Chubby Cheetah :
The Shiny Chubby Cheetahs


Silver, Gold and Diamond...

Shiny Chubby Cheetahs are very rare ! Their birth is always an incredible and magical event for all lovers of animals ! Depending on the emotional degree that the Chubby Cheetahs have managed to develop 3 species of Shiny have seen the light of day ! Certain much rarer than others !

  • Silver Shiny Chubby Cheetahs :
    This species is the least rare of the three. There is around one birth every 250 adoptions of Chubby Cheetah.

  • Gold Shiny Chubby Cheetahs :
    Much rarer than the Silver, there is only one birth for every 500 adoptions of Chubby Cheetah.

  • Diamond Shiny Chubby Cheetahs :
    Legendary in every way... This species of Shiny is born every 1000 adoptions of Chubby Cheetah !

Guardians of the Tribe

The team

Discover the team that takes care of the Tribe !



Art / Design


Web developer




Blockchain Developer

Chubby Cheetahs NFTs

Thanks to you, we are helping to preserve and save endangered species!
The donated funds are used to safeguard their natural habitats, to protect them against poaching and to put in place breeding plans to repopulate these species on the brink of extinction.

Join the Tribe

How to Adopt a Chubby Cheetah?

Do you want to adopt a little Chubby Cheetah but you don't know how?
We explain the 3 necessary steps to join the Tribe !
For even more detailed explanations join us on Discord you will have access to precise documentation of each step

Download Metamask


If you are on a computer you can use the Metamask extension available on the Chrome browser.
If you are on mobile, please download the Metamask application from your phone's store.


Transfer ETH


You can buy ETH directly from your Metamask wallet or buy them on a exchange like Coinbase or Binance and send them to your Metamask.

Coinbase Binance

Adopt a Chubby Cheetah

Chubby Cheetahs NFTs

Go to the mint page and connect your Metamask wallet. Once logged in you can mint your NFT and you will officially be part of the Chubby Cheetahs family !

Coming soon


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the information about our project and the world of NFTs.
If you can't find the answer to one of your questions, join us on Discord and a moderator will be happy to answer them ! :)

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token". It is a unique, interchangeable and tamper-proof digital file that is stored on the blockchain to guarantee its authenticity.
It can be a photo, image, music, video or any other file that can be scanned.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.
To access your Metamask wallet you can either:

  • Use the Metamask extension for Chrome if you are on a computer
  • Download the Metamask application on your smartphone
Metamask for Chrome Metamask for Android Metamask for iOS

In the world of NFTs, "mint" is the process of creating an NFT on the blockchain. By "minting" your NFT, it will be registered in the blockchain and you will be the owner.
To "mint" an NFT Chubby Cheetah you will need to be present when the collection goes on sale and pay the mint price.

The Chubby Cheetahs collection is the 1st NFT collection that fights for the protection and safeguarding of endangered animals.
Part of the profits made by the sale of NFTs will be donated to associations that work every day to preserve these endangered species.
Our collection is made up of 10,000 unique NFTs.

The sale of the collection will be divided into 2 parts.

  • Presale for whitelisted members. This presale will entitle you to advantages on the number of NFTs to be minted as well as on the mint price. A total of 2000 places will be reserved for the whitelist.
  • The public sale that will take place after the presale and will be open to everyone.
All information on the date of the sale and its progress as well as on the conditions to be met to integrate the whitelist are available on our Discord.

To integrate the whitelist you must meet certain conditions related to your activity within our Discord community.
If you wish to have more information on the terms of whitelisting, join us on Discord.

This information is kept secret for the moment !
They will be revealed to you exclusively on our Discord.

The Chubby Cheetahs collection is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain with the ERC-721 standard.

To contact us join our Discord !
We will be very happy to answer all your questions !
All important information around the project will be announced mainly on Discord.